• Paexo Cool Sleeve
    Paexo Cool Sleeve

    Paexo Cool Sleeve


    Plus 19% MwSt.
    Cooling armband
    • Cooling of the upper arm in a hot environment
    • Faster regeneration of the upper arm muscles, especially when working with extended arms, or overhead
    • Cools down by 22°F in seconds with cooling effect lasting up to 10 hours
    • Activation in seconds by using tap water
    • Dry surface
    • Can be combined with Paexo Shoulder
    • Available in M, L, XL, XXL
    • scope of delivery: two Paexo Cool Sleeve, same size
  • NEW
    The Paexo Thumb supports people who place strain on their thumb at work on a daily basis.
    • Protects the tip of the thumb against mechanical influences
    • Slim version allows use with more complex hand movements and can be worn under gloves
    • The user automatically uses an ergonomic hand position for clipping, inserting or plugging tasks on the assembly line or during paint work as well as for pulling rubber, e.g. for window seals
    • Full freedom of movement for thumb joint
    • Good fit thanks to seven available sizes
    • Easy handling thanks to low weight, can be put on or taken off quickly