Exoskeletons for the shipbuilding industry

Increasingly, this industry faces the challenges of an aging workforce and a shortage of skilled workers. Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD) are a major cause for lost workdays and one of the greatest burden for the global economy when measured by compensation costs, lost wages, and lost productivity. This is where our portfolio of exoskeletons developed by Ottobock Bionic Exoskeletons comes into play. The exoskeleton brand Paexo stands for state-of-the-art wearable technology that helps people protect their health over the long term as they carry out their demanding everyday working routines. 

Paexo Shoulder for overhead and above-shoulder work

The focus in this sector is on the Paexo Shoulder, an exoskeleton for overhead work and work on or above-shoulder height. The orthotic assistance system, which is worn on the body, supports employees at shipyards during manufacturing and when carrying out demanding activities such as overhead assembly and welding work. In addition, the Paexo Neck can provide relief to the cervical spine during overhead work, e.g. installations or inspections. It can be worn in combination with the Paexo Shoulder. Using exoskeletons reduces physical strain and protects the musculoskeletal system. This is also confirmed in several studies and analyses.

Have a look at the different applications below and ask us about your specific use case!

  • Welding of metal frame/ ship compartments 
  • Interior work: Mechanical and electrical on ceilings
  • Lamination works on a carbon hull
  • Setting up the oven to harden the carbon fibres

Paexo Shoulder in use at Royal Huisman shipyard

Royal Huisman, a Dutch shipyard, began using our Paexo Shoulder exoskeletons at the end of 2019. Now a global leader in its field, the manufacturer of luxury yachts was founded in 1884. Royal Huisman grew from humble beginnings as a shipyard for wooden work boats. Today, the Dutch company has more than 280 employees and produces award-winning superyachts. Pre-Tec, our sales partner in the Netherlands, visited the shipyard and took fascinating pictures to document our exoskeletons in daily use.


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“The team here at Royal Huisman specialises in the construction of luxury yachts. Our employees have to perform lengthy and difficult overhead tasks such as welding, electrical wiring and painting. They’re delighted, because using the Paexo Shoulder not only gives them the necessary support to continue performing these strenuous tasks throughout the day, but is also very comfortable to wear.”

Erik Slomp, Yard Manager at Royal Huisman