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Paexo Thumb2021-07-07T15:18:17+02:00

The exoskeleton for the thumb

The Paexo Thumb supports people who place strain on their thumb at work on a daily basis. This exoskeleton relieves the interphalangeal and saddle joints of the thumb. It also protects the tip of the thumb against mechanical influences. The user automatically assumes an ergonomic hand position for clipping, inserting or plugging tasks on the assembly line or in the paint shop.

Relief for the thumb

The Paexo Thumb reduces strain on your thumb joint by up to 70% by redirecting forces through the entire hand.

Perfect fit

Thanks to seven different sizes, there’s a perfect Paexo Thumb for just about every thumb. You can easily find out what size you need with the help of a trial set.

Easy handling

The Paexo Thumb can be quickly put on and taken off, permits full freedom of movement in the basal thumb joint and is easy to clean – guaranteeing its suitability for everyday use. 

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Using Paexo Thumb

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    Thumbs up for the world’s smallest exoskeleton

    “Paexo Thumb is inteded for workers in automotive manufacturing: in the paint shop, they have to push plugs with great force into the bodywork. Over the course of a shift, this puts strain on both the thumb-tip and the thumb joints.”

    Frequently asked questions about Paexo Thumb

    What is the Paexo Thumb?2021-03-22T14:57:51+01:00

    The Paexo Thumb is an exoskeleton and supports people who use their thumb every day at work. It relieves the thumb end and saddle joints and protects the thumb tip from mechanical impact, for example when clipping, plugging and plugging in assembly.

    How does the Paexo Thumb work?2020-01-07T13:55:19+01:00

    Thanks to the special ergonomics of the Paexo Thumb, the user can support their thumb with the help of the index finger.

    Is the Paexo Thumb a performance-boosting exoskeleton?2019-11-07T17:02:18+01:00

    No, the Paexo Thumb provides relief and support for people. It improves ergonomics and can increase employee satisfaction, but it is not a performance-boosting exoskeleton.

    Does the Paexo Thumb limit the thumb’s freedom of movement?2020-01-07T14:13:13+01:00

    The biomechanical design permits full freedom of movement in the thumb joint. Available in seven different sizes, there’s a perfect-fit Paexo Thumb for just about every thumb. Finding the right size is easy with the help of a trial set.

    How long does it take to put on and take off the Paexo Thumb?2019-11-07T17:02:36+01:00

    You can put on and take off the Paexo Thumb in just seconds, comparable to a thimble.

    How do I clean the Paexo Thumb?2020-01-07T14:09:53+01:00

    The Paexo Thumb can be wiped with a damp cloth. You can order a hygiene set for cleaning from us, but this is not required.

    Where is the Paexo Thumb produced?2020-05-11T13:36:45+02:00

    The Paexo Thumb is made in Germany.


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