Register now for the Paexo Demo Day In Austin, TX.

We look forward to opening our doors for the first official Paexo Demo Day in Austin, TX.

The Ottobock Bionic Exoskeleton portfolio can be tested at three stations. Together we test our products on selected application examples.

The Demo Day takes place with a hygienic concept. For this reason, it is necessary that interested parties register in advance. We will make sure that the rooms are always well ventilated and work with air filters and masks. In addition, the exoskeletons are disinfected after each use.

Duration: 09a.m. – 5p.m.. A tour takes about 40-50 minutes.

Place: Ottobock HQ, 11501 Alterra Parkway, Suite 600, Austin, TX 78758

Interested parties can register by requesting an appointment using the following form.


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Whats to expect:

Exoskeletons Help Take the Pressure Off Workers

During our Demo Day in Berlin at our beautiful offices at Boetzow Berlin, we had the opportunity to discuss the benefits of our Paexo Portfolio with interested people from many different occupations.

Stefan Nicola from Bloomberg News was also present and alongside his team, they created this wonderful and informative video about our product portfolio from the Ottobock Bionic Exoskeletons. We believe that the future will bring mind-controlled exoskeletons. We had the chance to let Stefan Nicola try our range of exoskeletons and discussed how they change the way we work already.

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Exoskeleton – Ergonomics at work

Demographic change, rising life expectancy and a declining birth rate are increasingly leading to a shortage of skilled workers and longer working lives. Our Paexo exoskeleton series aims to offer technical solutions that help people protect their health as they perform physically demanding tasks on a daily basis.

Ottobock Paexo is based in Duderstadt, Germany and Austin / Texas, USA.

Less than 4kg/9lbs
Quick to put on and take off
Automatic motion detection
Size adjustable S-XL

The exoskeleton for the relief of the back

Paexo Back was developed in collaboration with logistics experts and employees in warehousing and parcel distribution centers. The exoskeleton works according to a biomechanical principle: the load is taken off at the shoulder, like a backpack, and transferred to the thighs with the help of the exoskeleton’s support structure. The energy storage absorbs force when bending and releases it again when lifting.

Our innovative solutions, based on orthopedic expertise, are suitable for almost any industry.

Selected use cases from 1000+ successful customer projects:


Load handling


Assembly and maintenance


Rail, rolling stock, trams, metros


Welding, surface treatment, maintenance


Surgical interventions


Riveting, fastening and maintenance